Specialty Careers

The National Guard requires more than just ordinary soldiers. As one of the largest organizations in the world, it takes Guardsmen of nearly every profession to keep the Guard going. Listed below are some of the more unique careers that you can pursue as a member of the National Guard:

JAG Corps

Judge Advocate General (JAG) Officers make up the legal branch of the Guard. They conduct the legal duties required by the Guard and are basically lawyers who are experts on military laws and policies. As a JAG Officer, your assignments may range from advising and defending other Guardsmen in court to overseeing contracts or other litigation. This program covers every branch of legal studies, including such focuses as criminal law, administrative law, and international law.

Chaplain Corps

The military is not just about combat. Guardsmen, just like everyone else, have spiritual needs that need to be met. That’s where the Chaplain Corps comes in. As a chaplain in the National Guard, you will conduct religious ceremonies, counsel servicemen and women, and even spread your ministry to the local populations in war zones.

Medical Program

Medical officers in the National Guard provide a top-quality care to fellow Guardsmen and their families. This branch of the Guard includes experts in a wide variety of medical fields, including dentistry, nursing, plastic surgery, urology, cardiology, and psychiatry.

These National Guard careers are rewarding because you’re not only serving your country, but are also directly helping and influencing other Guardsmen and women.
Each of these programs also provides you with valuable training and experience which you can take with you into the civilian job market. Many doctors, lawyers, and even pastors have started their careers in the National Guard.

If you’re ready to learn more about these exciting careers, click here to learn more!

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