2015 Military Budget Cuts Continue To Limit Military Jobs

While other countries are increasing their military spending, the United States continues to drop their spending as a result of the current administration deficit cutting measures.

The United States military defense spending has fallen by 20 percent since 2010.  However, the actual amount remains at historical highs compared to other countries.

With that, the Army man power will be reduced to its smallest size since before the World War II.
Along with the budget cuts, recruiting standards only pass about one of every four for active duty.

All to say, it wasn’t that long ago that the military was the last career option for many of our high school graduates.  Today, that has all changed.  To enlist in today’s military, prospects must be in better physical condition, good academic record and have the ability to stay clear of the law.

With all that said, the military still provides incredible benefits like on-the-job training, free insurance, free vacation and VA benefits that last a lifetime.

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