Administrative Guard Careers

The National Guard allows young and committed individuals to serve their country while at the same time pursuing their own career endeavors. Regardless of which military occupational specialty (MOS) you choose, you will gain invaluable experience and grow in areas such as leadership and teamwork.

In addition to such character development, if you wish to gain job experience that directly transfers into the civilian world of business, then one of the National Guard’s administrative divisions may be perfect for you!

The National Guard employs hundreds of thousands of men and women, just like yourself. In order to keep all of its operations around the world running smoothly, the National Guard relies on its administrative personnel.

Your administrative career in the National Guard begins with nine weeks of Basic Combat Training. Afterward, you will attend Advanced Individual Training, which is where your instruction will focus on skills specifically related to you selected field of work. After completing this step, you will be ready to assume your first duties as a soldier in the National Guard!

If you are interested in the National Guard’s administrative opportunities, then there is a variety of options for you to explore. If you enjoy working with people, then a career in civil affairs or human resources may be right for you. If you are good with numbers, then working as a financial specialist may appeal to you.

These are only a few of many similar administrative careers that you can pursue in the National Guard. These careers give you the opportunity to serve your country as well as receive extensive training in your area of interest that will help you find an administrative job in the civilian sector.

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