Cash Bonuses For Guard Jobs

There are many incentives and benefits to enlisting in the Army National Guard. One of these is the possibility of attaining a significant cash bonus just for signing up for certain jobs. If you are interested in one of these careers, then an enlistment bonus of up to $5,000 may be entitled to you!

The reason these job specialties offer cash bonuses is because the National Guard needs qualified people to fill these positions. If you are a dedicated individual who is ready to get your life on the fast track to success, then a National Guard career such as Special Forces, Cryptology, Intelligence, or Air Defense may be perfect for you.

If you possess a particular trade skill then that may also qualify you for a cash bonus just for enlisting in the National Guard. The National Guard saves money by hiring already-trained professionals, and those savings are passed on to you. These cash bonus positions include vehicle operators and mechanics as well as a variety of technology-related analysis jobs.

The National Guard also offers cash bonuses for Prior Service recruits when they re-enlist. If you have formerly served in the National Guard or any other branch of the US military, then you could qualify for similar cash bonuses.

If you are thinking about becoming an officer in the National Guard, then you could also qualify for cash bonuses just for enlisting. The Guard needs highly motivated leaders to run its operations around the world.

If you are interested in joining the National Guard and want to find out more about cash bonuses, click here!

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