Cavalry Scout, 19D

Among the most physically demanding but rewarding jobs in the National Guard is that of the Cavalry Scout. Cavalry scouts have a special mission: locating and collecting intelligence on the enemy.

National Guard cavalry scoutsCavalry scouts in the National Guard utilize a collection of light armored vehicles, such as Humvees and M3 Bradleys, in order to swiftly navigate the battlefield and maneuver around any hostile forces. Their high mobility makes cavalry scout units a very effective tool for gathering important battlefield information.

Cavalry scouts are also experts at coordinating efforts on the battlefield. They maintain command of the battlefield by coordinating air strikes and artillery support with other National Guard units in the area.

The reconnaissance performed by National Guard cavalry scouts has proved to be valuable in many different battlefield scenarios. Guard commanders often rely on these units’ reports in order to effectively deploy other units against the enemy.

Cavalry scouts see a good amount of combat as well. Since their job is to hunt down the enemy when no other units have found them, cavalry scouts are oftentimes the first National Guardsmen to make contact with the hostile troops. They are able to pack a quick punch to the enemy and then swiftly exfiltrate the battle area.

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