Combat Engineer, 12B

The National Guard offers hundreds of different job specialties to its soldiers, but one of the most important is the Combat Engineer. Combat engineers are responsible for accomplishing any construction needs during the heat of battle. They are combat-ready but are also specialized in a wide variety of construction and engineering tasks.

While engaging the enemy, National Guardsmen may need a minefield cleared, a bridge to cross a terrain barrier, or rough terrain cleared out. That’s where combat engineers come in. They are capable of doing all the above, even when under fire from the enemy.
national guard bulldozers

National Guard combat engineers are also skilled in the use of explosives. If something needs to be blown up, they are brought in to get the job done. They are also trained to remove or disarm enemy explosives, such as roadside bombs and IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

national guard portable bridgeCombat engineering requires these National Guardsmen to be highly efficient with a variety of tools. From handheld sledgehammers and drills to armored bulldozers and portable bridges, the National Guard engineers use them all.

This is also one of the easiest military specialties to transfer into a civilian career. With they leave the National Guard, many combat engineers find jobs with some of the largest construction companies in the country. Their wide range of experience in the field makes these Guardsmen valuable employees and often leads to very successful civilian careers.

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