Driving the Guard

Are you interested in transportation or are considering getting your commercial trucking license? If so, then the National Guard can help you accomplish your goals, and even help pay for it!

The National Guard’s “Drive the Guard” program allows recruits to go through the Guard’s training program and then attend commercial trucking school on the Guard’s tab. After you graduate basic training, you will officially be a National Guardsman and will begin getting your monthly paycheck, even while you are in trucking school.

As a National Guardsman, you will also have access to many other benefits of service, including other education opportunities if you wish to pursue them.

National Guard HEMTTWhile you are serving in the National Guard, you will have the excitement of operating some of the most sophisticated heavy machinery in the world. Humvees, fuel tankers, and 18-wheelers are only a few of the rigs you will be trained to operate.

After your time in the Guard is up, you will be assisted in finding a full-time job with a major trucking company in order to help guarantee success with your civilian career. You will also have obtained a countless amount of driving experience which will further help you in your civilian career field.

Find out more about becoming a National Guard Transportation Operator!

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