Education and Benefits

There are many benefits from serving in the National Guard. Serving your country will give you an immeasurable sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment that cannot be understood by anyone who has not served among the ranks of the Guard. There are also a number of tangible benefits that you earn for your service.


The government will pay for your college education! Why? Because the National Guard wants educated individuals to serve and lead its soldiers. As a Guardsman, you are qualified for several education payment plans. The Montgomery GI Bill, which has helped servicemen and women pay their way through college since World War II, can pay up to 100% of your tuition. You may also be eligible to receive a monthly living allowance of up to several hundred dollars.


As a soldier of the National Guard, you and your family are eligible for very competitively priced health insurance.

Life Insurance

National Guardsmen and women receive the benefit of low-cost affordable life insurance at highly competitive prices. Multiple levels of coverage are available in order to more personally

Free Travel

As a member of the military, soldiers of the National Guard are able to fly for free on domestic military flights provided that space is available.

If you would like to learn more about the National Guard and the benefits of serving, click here!

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