Extended Guard Presence at the Border

National Guard Border PatrolLast week, President Obama approved an extension of the National Guard’s tour of duty in the Southwest United States. These National Guardsmen are leading the fight against illegal immigration and drug trafficking across the Mexico-United States border.

The extension, which added an additional three months to the National Guard units’ one-year tour, does not signify that the Guard is not accomplishing its mission. Guardsmen are accomplishing their objectives with flying colors.

Since their deployment, thousands of illegal immigrants have been arrested crossing the border and even larger amounts of drugs have been seized before entering the United States’ illegal drug market.

The National Guard is serving as an interim force, protecting the border until the US Border Patrol is expanded enough to sufficiently protect the four border states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

The Border Patrol has doubled in size in the last five years, but new agents are still being hired and trained in order to fill the gaps in the line. This is all part of a massive surge over the last few years to strengthen the Department of Homeland Security’s presence in the border war.

However long they are deployed at the border, the soldiers of the National Guard will continue honoring the traditions of the Guard by efficiently and effectively accomplishing their goals in the region.

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