Featured Unit: The Georgia 48th

National Guard's GA 48thOne of the most historical units in the Army National Guard is Georgia’s 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

The unit’s heritage began in April of 1825 when “Macon’s Volunteers” were formed, and the unit was later federally recognized as the 1st Battalion Georgia Volunteers. In 1861, the battalion joined the Confederate Army and was transformed into D Company of 2nd Battalion in the Georgia Infantry. This makes the National Guard unit one among only a handful of units in the United States military to serve in the Confederacy.

In 1905, the unit was officially incorporated as the Georgia National Guard, and during the First World War the National Guard unit was called to service and deployed to France as a machine gun company. During World War II, the unit was once again activated as a cavalry/mechanized reconnaissance unit.

Serving as an armored unit until 1973, the National Guard unit was then reorganized into 48th Infantry Brigade.

The Georgia unit saw its first action as the National Guard’s 48th Infantry during Operation Desert Storm, and it has since served valiantly in Bosnia as well as Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Learn more about the unit you can serve in as a soldier in the Army National Guard.

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