National Guard Payscale

Serving in the National Guard is a rewarding career, and you will remember your experiences as a Guardsman for the rest of your life. However, don’t forget that along with these other benefits comes a regular paycheck for your service!

National Guard soldiers during training exercise National Guard soldiers during training exercise[/caption]There are three types of pay scales in the National Guard. Depending on your training or deployment status, you will receive payment according to one of these scales. Your rank also determines your monthly salary; as you progress through the enlisted or officer ranks and assume more responsibilities, your salary will increase as well. In addition to regular salaries, there are a number of bonuses that are available if you meet certain requirements.

Active Duty Pay

National Guardsmen and women receive active duty pay when they are serving fulltime. This includes time spent in basic training or during deployment overseas. This payscale coincides with the Active Army’s payscale.

Drill Pay

The National Guard is primarily a reserve branch of the Army, and Guardsmen only serve one weekend (two days) each month to train with their unit. Even though it covers a short timespan, this training time still pays.

Annual Training Pay

Once a year, National Guard units are assembled for a larger-scale field training exercise (FTX). These exercises last about two weeks, during which you receive an increased amount of pay similar to active duty pay.

You can click here to view an approximate payscale based on rank and service time.

If you are interested in learning more about the National Guard and how serving can benefit you, click here to get more information!

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