Guardsmen Deployed to the Border

With conflicts happening abroad in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, many Americans forget about the crisis that is taking place right here in the United States. The Border War is different than other crises because it is raging right in Americans’ backyards.

As the issues of illegal drug trafficking and immigration have been gaining more and more national attention over the recent months, the government has started to develop strategies to combat these problems. Some of these strategies utilize the effectiveness of the National Guard.

Over the summer, President Obama announced a plan to deploy over a thousand National Guardsmen along the border. These troops, stationed in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, are working alongside border patrol agents to secure the US-Mexico border.

In total, 1,200 National Guardsmen are currently deployed and are completing tasks such as guarding the border, tracking down illegal traffickers, and manning security checkpoints. Early reports show that the efforts of the National Guard are proving effective in the border crisis, and National Guardsmen will continue to serve honorably in the region.

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