05/04 Law Enforcement Career After the Army

Is Transitioning to a Police Job Natural for Army Veterans? It seems as though transitioning to a police force from military duty should be rather natural. Many veterans work on local and federal police forces because it’s within their comfort level. However, this has caused other veterans to resent being typecast.
Many military veterans find law enforcement to be a natural fit. They understand how the brain of a police officer works and fit in rather quickly as they transition out of military life.
However, other service members believe the police force is the least suitable choice for veterans. They believe this because many are still working through emotional issues from deployments. Many also believe …

09/05 National Guard Army Medical Careers Are Hot!

One of the National Guard Army’s leading careers is an operating Room Specialist who steps in and provides all-important emergency medical assistance.

1) Veteran Home Loans

One of the best, yet most underutilized, benefits of serving in the armed forces is the loan guarantee program provided by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. Simply put, veterans should know all about the VA home loans. The VA offers no down payment mortgage loan guarantees to qualifying current and former service members, or their surviving spouses, with lower interest rates and payments than traditional mortgage loans. The United States has said thank you to over 20 million returning troops with this program since its inception following World War II.

Who Qualifies For VA Mortgage Loans?

In order to take advantage of the VA home loans program, some important qualifying factors need to be met. During a …

2) Playing Army: The Difficulties The Guard and Reserve Face

I recently read an article on “Fox news” regarding the difficulties the Guard and Reserve faced when being recalled to active duty service, and I was appalled at the treatment these service members faced from their superiors.

I was active duty my whole career, but I have worked side by side with many Guardsmen and Reservists from all five branches of the service and have never worked with a finer group of men and women. I know the difficulties I faced when deploying months on end, going TDY for days, weeks, or months, and being locked down on base for long exercises, but what I dealt with is different from the same requirements that face those …

3) Important Facts About Your VA Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs is the federal Agency tasked with caring for those who have served our great nation. The VA actually publishes a book yearly addressing this exact topic (http://www.va.gov/opa/publications/benefits_book.asp). The last update was in 2014, but it remains over two hundred pages simply summarizing benefits programs without providing the detailed legal citations behind it. In short – the programs are easy to mention briefly, but vastly complex and challenging to understand and engage. Using the VA’s own book at an outline, though – let’s try and address those points briefly.


Healthcare. The VA offers healthcare based on several different Priority Groups for eligible veterans. This care can range from general …

4) Can Your Get Your College Degree While Serving in Army National Guard?

There are so many reasons why you should explore this option in more detail. You don’t have to wait until retirement to get your degree or certification. Here are some points you should know about attending online school in the Army National Guard.

Plenty of Military Friendly Online College Options

There are various online bachelor and master’s programs for Army National Guard service members and veterans. Research options by finding rankings and comparison information through trusted websites such as usnews.com, which provides a list of best online college programs for military members/veterans. Learn about college universities offering courses and programs for military members. Use sources such as Student Veterans of America to learn about …

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