Mechanical and Maintenance Careers

The National Guard is always moving forward with operations and exercises, but what keeps this massive organization going? The answer is the behind-the-scenes work of the mechanics and maintenance personnel.

These National Guardsmen and women are first and foremost soldiers of the National Guard. Yet they are also highly trained professionals in their area of expertise. They support the Guard’s mission by providing reliable and efficient maintenance for various equipment and weapons.

If you choose to become a maintenance teammember of the National Guard, you will receive invaluable training and experience working on a specific type of machinery. You could specialize in areas such as firearms, artillery, any tank or combat vehicle, computers or communications equipment, or any aircraft such as the blackhawk or apache helicopter.

Training for maintenance careers includes basic combat training and then specialized training in your field of expertise. The length of this advanced training can vary based on what specialty you have selected.

After graduating from these courses, you will receive your first assignment as a professional mechanic in the National Guard. Your experience in the Guard will help you establish a successful civilian career in places such as the automotive and aviation industries.

Learn more about the rewarding career of a National Guard mechanic.

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