Medical Officers in the Guard

With thousands of soldiers serving in the National Guard, it is imperative to provide them with the best medical care possible. The Guard’s Medical Officers fulfill this need by making such services available to any Guardsmen who need them.

Medical Officers are an unique branch of the National Guard. These recruits are not required to attend the traditional basic training and training regimen that other soldiers go through. This is due to the fact that entering the medical branch means you are already a trained professional. Instead, you’ll attend an orientation that lasts for about a month. This course familiarizes recruits with the ways of the National Guard and builds on their already acquired skillsets.

While serving in the National Guard, you will be in charge of caring for a number of soldiers. Whether your role is in the field or at a permanent installation, you will be responsible for hundreds of patients. Medical officers also have the privilege to interact with non-military individuals, whether it is providing disaster relief or treating locals in their theater of deployment.

After serving as a medical officer in the National Guard, you will be able to enter the civilian medical world with a unique sense of confidence and incredible experience. Whether you want to work at a large organization or start your own practice, your time in the Guard will have provided you with the tools necessary to achieve success.

The National Guard needs various medical professionals to care for its troops. Whether you want to pursue a career as a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse, dentist, or even a medical administrator, the Guard needs you!

Serving in the National Guard is a rewarding and life-changing career. Find out how you can join today!

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