National Guard Communication through Army Knowledge Online

National Guard Army Knowledge OnlineThe US military has created the largest intranet known to the world through its Army Knowledge Online portal. This online resource offers active military, retired military, and authorized civilian personnel access to the most up-to-date information, training, communication, and educational tools and applications in a simple online interface. While dubbed after the Army who created the platform, the web portal is also available to other branches in the United States military, including the National Guard.


Utilizing the AKO for National Guard Career


All enlisted military personnel are required to register for an AKO account and retired personnel are still authorized to access the information available. Enlisted personnel will register for an authorized account and can rest assured in the security of the system according to military standards.

A guest account is available for military-related personnel such as contractors, volunteers, and governmental agency employees. A guest account registration requires a sponsorship from the US Army before the registration can be approved.

If you are interested in joining the National Guard,  fill out this form to talk to a recruiter.


Exploring the AKO


Within the Army Knowledge Online portal are many helpful sections that contain the educational materials and military resources new recruits, enlisted personnel, and retired military members need and will find useful.


The AKO’s Medical section allows registered members access to their medical records, physical exam testing results, status of deployment readiness, and other personal information related to medical activities and information.


The AKO’s Financial section provides access for personnel to review important financial documentation including their Leave and Earnings statement. They can also access information with regards to housing allowances, food allowances, and other financial factors affecting the military career and family finances.


The AKO portal also provides access to resources available free of charge to authorized users concerning legal matters, travel tools, family information, and a section dedicated to commonly used military forms.


A Portal to Learning


The AKO’s prime functionality is to provide easy accessibility for military member’s online learning and educational needs. Free training and educational courses are provided to enhance military member’s career. Continuing education courses and other college-related learning materials are available to increase the potential for promotions in a military career for National Guard members. Many of the courses available can also be transferable to selected colleges and universities towards a degree.


The online portal also serves to provide streamlined communication through a secure interface for active and retired military members. Those interested in pursuing a career as a National Guard member can explore the offerings of the military-hosted AKO website to learn more about the career options and educational tools provided as a National Guard recruiter. In addition to in-person recruiter assistance, the AKO online portal is designed to meet the needs and answer the questions perspective military personnel may have in regards to a career in the US military. The site is also beneficial to those undergoing the transition from civilian life to a career in the National Guard, the US Navy, US Marines, US Coast Guard, and the US Army.

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