National Guard Opportunities

There are many different careerpaths that you can choose from in the National Guard. A large percentage of Guardsmen and women do not actually participate in direct combat; many of them fulfill support roles. These “behind-the-scenes” positions are vital to the Guard’s success.

No matter what your field of interest is, there is most likely a job in the National Guard that fits your interests and skills. Here are some jobs you can perform as a Guardsman:


With tens of thousands of Guardsmen, someone has to be able to efficiently organize operations and the involved personnel. There are a number of such administrative positions available to Guardsmen, including such fields as financial advising and human resource management. As a member of the administrative staff, you will gain valuable managerial skills that you can take with you out into the civilian corporate world.

National Guard Media CrewArts and Media

The National Guard works hard to maintain positive relationships with other businesses and the public. Positions such as media specialists, broadcasting specialists, and public relations all fall into this category of National Guard careers.

Computers and Information Technology

The Guard utilizes a vast array of technology to maximize its advantage in combat. Whether you are an intelligence or image analyst, radio specialist, or any other professional under this field, you will be working with some of the most complex and sophisticated technology in the world.

National Guard EngineerEngineering and Construction

Whether you are a combat engineer or a maintenance teammember, you will play a vital role in keeping the Guard’s key installations running properly. This category includes such careers as plumbing, carpentry, masonry, heavy construction, and architecture.


The National Guard uses some of the most technologically advanced equipment in the world. It is important that such machinery is efficiently maintained and kept in top condition.

Army maintenance personnelTransportation

Truckdrivers, aircraft pilots, and watercraft operators all play an important part in keeping the National Guard moving. In addition to vehicle crewmembers, maintenance personnel such aircraft electronics specialists, railway operators, and vehicle powerplant specialists are all vital in keeping these important assets functioning properly.

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