Officer Training

Majority of the National Guard is comprised of enlisted personnel. However, officers are needed in order to lead these soldiers. An officer must possess good character and leadership skills in order to effectively lead his or her troops and accomplish their mission. Therefore, officers must be highly trained and skilled in their soldiering profession.

The most common ways for a soldier to become an officer in the National Guard are graduating from the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) or Officer Candidate School (OCS). Both courses are rigorous and highly competitive, but the experience gained is very rewarding.

Officer CandidatesReserve Officers Training Corps

If you are interested in attending college but also want to join the military, then ROTC may be right for you. ROTC cadets train to become officers while simultaneously working toward a college degree. As a National Guardsman, you are eligible to attend an Army ROTC course. You may even be able to get your college education for free through a ROTC scholarship!

Officer Candidate School

If you already have a college degree, then you can pursue an officer career by attending OCS. This course lasts for 12 weeks and takes place at Fort Benning, Georgia. Here, you will be instructed on all the necessary skills to become an officer in the Army National Guard.

After completing either of the above programs, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. There are many benefits to becoming an officer in the National Guard. To explore your officer opportunites, click here!

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