Opportunities to Enlist in the Guard

A career in the National Guard is a rewarding and prestigious experience. Not only are you serving your country, but you are preparing yourself for a better life. If you are interested in joining the Guard, then there are multiple options for how you can begin your career.

If you are still enrolled as a student in high school, then you have the unique option of enlisting in the National Guard’s Split Training program. As a high school junior, this program allows you to enlist and then attend Basic Combat Training during the summer before your senior year. From that point on, you will be a soldier in the National Guard! You will drill one weekend every month until you graduate and then attend advanced training to learn your MOS (military occupational specialty).

You can still join the National Guard even if you aren’t on the path toward earning a high school diploma. The Guard offers services that help prepare you for the GED exam.

Yet another option if you haven’t earned your high school diploma is the Patriot Academy. After you are accepted to this program, you will attend Basic Combat Training and then report to the academy. The academy will provide you will a military atmosphere in which you can further prepare yourself for service while you complete the classes you need to earn your high school diploma. You even get paid while attending!

If you plan on attending college, then there is another option specifically for you as well: the Simultaneous Membership Program. As a member in this program, you will participate in your college’s ROTC program and still remain a soldier of the National Guard, drilling once a month with your Guard unit. Participating in ROTC has many benefits including scholarships and living allowances.

If you would like to learn more about how you can join the National Guard, click here!

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