Police Jobs in The U.S. Army and The National Guard

Army military police (MPs) and National Guard MPs play similar roles in supporting the function and mission of military operations.

Military police serve slightly differently when on military property than when they are deployed in a war zone. When on a base, MPs function much as civilian police, enforcing laws and ensuring the safety of others. MPs
respond to emergency calls and crime reports, perform traffic control, and secure base perimeters.

On the battlefield, MPs work to secure safe routes for unit movements, provide security for important areas and bases, work in intelligence, guard officers or other personnel and take care of prisoners of war. Some
MPs also train military dogs.

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Two categories of Army MPs: Enlisted Military Police and Military Police Officer.
Enlisted military police train at One Station Unit Training, a 19 week course which combines basic, advanced individual training and police methods. Specifically, the training includes firearms, traffic and crowd control,
restraint and arrest, fingerprinting and interrogation, scene investigation, civil and military law, and warrior skills.

Military police officers are required to complete Basic Officer Leader training. They also complete Military Police Leadership Training, a 10 week program which teaches things such as tactics and systems and tools used in military police work. Military police officers lead platoons, manage operations and advise Army Reserve and National Guard units.

Both Army police officers and enlisted military police are responsible for carrying out functions which support the completion of missions. Army MPs perform reconnaissance and surveillance to ensure the security of unit
movements. Army MPs also secure areas, ensure law and order on bases, work to develop host nation police forces, supervise prisoners and carry out intelligence operations.

Police Careers
If you are interested in working in law enforcement there is no better experience to add to your portfolio that military police experience. Hiring agencies value the discipline and professionalism that they know are basic
values learned in the military. Military police experience can prepare you for airport, University or corporate security, personal protection, bail enforcement or investigations. Federal agencies such as Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration, and the FBI, all seek workers with law enforcement experience. County offices such as sheriff’s departments and corrections facilities and city police forces also value military police experience.

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