Prior Service Options

national guard prior serviceHave you previously served in any branch of the United States military? Have you ever thought about re-enlisting and picking up your military career where you left off? If so, then you are definitely not alone. Many National Guardsmen and women served in the Air Force, Navy, or even the Army before deciding that the Guard was right for them. Even if you have been out of the military for some time, you can still re-enlist with the National Guard and continue your life as a soldier.

What are the benefits of re-enlisting with the Guard?

There are many perks to joining the National Guard’s prior service program. In most circumstances, you can assume your former paygrade instead of having to work your way back up the paygrade ladder. Your previous experience could even earn you an additional re-enlistment bonus.

Maybe you would like to continue your education through increased financial aid. You can also combine your National Guard service with your previous time of service to become eligible for retirement benefits.

Will I have to go through training again?

As far as re-training, this depends on your situation. If you are sticking with your former job specialty, for example, then having to redo training is less likely. However, if you are interested in pursuing a different job in the National Guard then there is nothing stopping you!

If you are transferring to the Guard from another branch of the military, then you will attend a four-week Warrior Transition Course. Don’t worry – the atmosphere of this course is a little different than that of basic training. This course takes the soldiering skills you have already developed and strengthens them. You’ll learn about the Army way of life, customs and traditions, and anything else that will benefit your career as an Army National Guardsman.

If you are interested in joining the National Guard through the prior service program, click here to get started!

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