Recruit Sustainment Program

Your road to becoming a soldier in the National Guard begins long before you report to basic training. Although basic combat training (BCT) is the cornerstone to every Guardsman’s training, the Recruit Sustainment Program is where recruits take their first steps into the ways of the warrior.

The recruit sustainment program is designed to prepare National Guard recruits for the physically and mentally tough regimen of basic training. The program requires attendance to a series of weekend drill sessions. These sessions are divided into red, white, and blue phases – each focusing on certain skills you will utilize while serving in the National Guard.

The red phase is where it all begins. It is during these initial days of training that you are introduced to the basics of life in the National Guard. Among the topics of instruction are military ranks, drill and ceremony, Army values, military time, and other basic procedures.

The second phase is the white phase. This portion of your training focuses on reinforcing the basics that you’ve learned and introduces intermediate topics such as navigation and basic first aid. You continue to receive instruction on physical fitness and will take the Army Physical Fitness Test. During this phase it is possible for you to earn the rank of Private E2.

The third phase of the National Guard’s recruit sustainment program takes place immediately before you enter basic training. This blue phase is designed to make sure you are in the proper physical condition to attend training. You will go through some final preparation before you embark for basic. By now, you are well prepared for the challenges you will meet – and overcome – in basic combat training.

Learn more about the Recruit Sustainment Program and begin your journey with the National Guard!

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