The Guard’s Warrant Officers

Warrant Officers are a core component of the National Guard and are in charge of maintaining much of the technology used by the Guard. As a warrant officer, you will be masterfully trained in a specific field of interest. Not only will you become an expert, but you will become a mentor and train enlisted soldiers who are under your command.

You could follow a number of job paths as a warrant officer in the National Guard. These opportunities include aviation, quartermaster corps, signal corps, field artillery, military intelligence, engineers, military police, transportation, or the medical field.

Training to become a warrant officer involves several steps. First, like any other National Guardsman or woman, you will attend nine weeks of Basic Combat Training (BCT). You will also attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in order to hone your skills in your selected specialty. Finally comes the Warrant Officer Candidate School, which is a six-week course that develops candidates’ leadership and other officer skills.

If you are interested in becoming an officer and at the same time specializing in a field of technology, then joining the National Guard as a warrant officer is the right career choice for you!

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