Air National Guard Jobs

air national guard jobsThe Air National Guard employs full-time and part-time guardsmen in various Air National Guard jobs. Careers in the Air National Guard can include practically anything from journalism to healthcare. The specific career path that a guardsman chooses will likely depend on his or her interests, abilities, and past experiences.

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Administrative Jobs in the Air National Guard

There is a long list of Air National Guard administrative jobs that might appeal to guardsmen who have developed unique skills. Some of those administrative positions include:

  • Chaplain’s assistant
  • Paralegal
  • Photographer
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Operations management

Guardsmen holding administrative positions are not likely to see any combat, but they could still be called into active duty. This is especially true of administrative positions that need to move with active duty personnel. A journalist, photographer, or chaplain, for instance, needs to travel with the troops to do their jobs properly.

Computer Technology Jobs in the Air National Guard

Every branch of the military relies on sophisticated computer equipment to perform missions and gather intelligence successfully. The Air National Guard is no exception to this. Some of the computer technology professionals with jobs in the Air National Guard specialize in

  • Cyber security
  • RF transmissions
  • Radar systems
  • Systems operations
  • Network analysis
  • Client Systems

These jobs require a high level of training. Many people who hold these positions were trained before they entered the Air National Guard. They might have earned bachelor’s degrees in computer science or engineering. Others might have on-the-job training that prepared them for their careers.

The Air National Guard does, however, offer training that can help these professionals improve their skills. In fact, joining the ANG is often seen as a good way to develop new skills that will help the guardsmen find a high-paying job in the private sector.

Medical Jobs in the Air National Guard

Medical jobs in the Air National Guard are held by enlisted guardsmen rather than part-time reservists. Most of the people holding medical jobs have training from a college. They may have experience working as nurses, doctors, surgeons, or assistants.

Some jobs in the medical field require experience working with:

  • Biomedical equipment
  • Health services management
  • Medical materials
  • Public health policy

Many people join the Air National Guard so they can study medical science without accumulating large amounts of student loan debt. Reservists have the benefit of paid in-state tuition. This allows them to learn important skills that they can later use to enlist in the National Guard.

Vehicle Maintenance Jobs in the Air National Guard

The Air National Guard needs to make sure that all of its vehicles are in operational order. Otherwise, they could fail during important operations. This creates a significant need for vehicle maintenance professionals.

Previous experience with vehicle maintenance is definitely a plus when seeking these Air National Guard mechanic jobs. Even experienced mechanics, however, should realize that they will likely encounter vehicles they have not worked on before. The Guard, after all, needs maintenance for trucks, cars, airplanes, helicopters, and many other types of vehicles.

Many vehicle maintenance professionals focus on certain types of vehicles. They usually receive training from the Air National Guard so they understand how to maintain and repair a diverse range of vehicles, but they still might specialize on certain types so that they can learn the details of these machines and provide the highest possible level of service.

Supply, Warehouse, and Transportation Jobs in the Air National Guard

Not all jobs in the Air National Guard require a high level of training. Those who do not have specialized skills can still enter the Air National Guard. Supply and warehouse jobs, for instance, do not usually require intensive training. Guardsmen might, however, learn to operate machines used in warehouses. They should also have the ability to follow rigid protocols necessary for maintaining a well-organized warehouse.

Transportation jobs might not require much additional training, but that largely depends on the specific job. Many guardsmen working in this area direct traffic, a task that they can perform easily as reservists. Others, however, work in air transportation, special vehicle maintenance, and vehicle operations. These jobs can require an extremely high level of training that one is not likely to encounter in the civilian world.

Given the wide range of jobs available through the Air National Guard, nearly any healthy adult can start a new career or enhance an existing career. The intensive training provided by the Air National Guard could even make a person’s civilian career more rewarding.

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